Extracts of plants with high technological added value

  • Overview

    AZERYS is specialized in using cutting edge valorization technologies to extract high value elements from endemic plants, thanks to our partnership with the networks of local cooperatives, as well as our factory meeting the highest international standards.
    AZERYS intervenes in all phases:
    modern plantations, harvesting by riparian cooperatives, etc.

  • A colorful country, from the desert to the Souss plains, to land in the snow-capped mountains of the Atlas, Morocco is a country with a strong biodiversity, with a fauna of more than 25,000 species and a flora including more than 7,000 plants spread throughout the kingdom.

    In the fertile lands of northeastern Morocco, all necessary conditions are in place for optimal planting.

    Thanks to its extraction process, AZERYS obtains a quality product meeting the highest standards.